Quick & Easy site blocker

our siteblocker.exe can be operated in windows

What is Siteblocker?

siteblocker is fast site blocker operates in windows os

Quick restoration

You can go back previous configuration

window 64bit support

window 10 64bit
window 8.1 64bit
window 7 64bit

Easy using

Clean manual

Light using

Support window 64bit

Installation Steps

Siteblocker can be used in quick


Install siteblocker.exe

64bit supported

Run as adminstrator

Press right side of mouse and click Run as Adminstrator


Execute program

You can see below screen

Siteblocker QnA

You have to Run nesez siteblocker as Adminstrator

You or your family can block site to prevent internet/sns addiction

insert 4
insert site name you want (like google)